Aspicore GSM Tracker - GPS data

This is a demonstration showing sample of the location data collected to the server database from Symbian S60 devices in real-time via a GPRS or 3G data connection.

The purpose of this demo is to give you an effortless opportunity to test our product for S60 smartphones either with an internal or an external GPS receiver. Hopefully this demo gives you an idea, what kind of systems are possible to implement with Aspicore GSM Tracker. The look-and-feel and the functionality of this demo site is not ideal for a production system or to an average end-user. The idea of this site is to show some possibilities to a technical person, who is familiar with GPS and cellular packet data technologies and to serve as the first step in the evaluation of our product.

Here you can find more information, how to use e.g. Perl programming language and socket programming to implement a receiving end or to integrate our tracker to your existing system.
For other programming languages, look here.

The demo shows also your logged locations on a MapQuest map (one by one) and your 20 last positions with Microsoft MapPoint .NET Web Service. There is also a link to, which shows satellite image of selected location.

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To see the data collected from your phone, please enter the IMEI code of your phone first. Digits only, no space or dash characters.

(If you do not know your IMEI code, enter *#06# into your phone.)

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Go to Google Earth Home Try a Google Earth Network Link to your real-time location data. There is a link in the following page, which generates Google Earth formatted KML files dynamically. Send the link URL to your friends! This means that your friends can dynamically refresh your GPS position on their Google Earth image! You can track multiple friends simultaneously on a single Google Earth image.

RSS 2.0 Feed You can also try a geocoded RSS feed of your location data. xml rss

There is a link in the following page.

For more information:

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